Website Copywriting

Your web site visitors are not so different from you right now:
Busy. Curious. Reading text on a page. Lots to do. Want to get back to it.

But first, they want to know if the job in mind fits the vendor in view. There's an immediate tension: your customer usually has seconds—minutes at most, to decide whether to stop or continue further. Whereas the experience behind the best possible copy choices is measured in years, not seconds.

A good copywriter will reconcile the difference—bridge the gap between time-pressed visitor needs and seasoned copy choices. The best copywriters go a step further: they help the visitor to forget time altogether; putting the focus where it belongs:

on the visitor seeing themselves as a customer... a happy one who can now get back to what they were doing before.

Product Description Copywriting

Researchers at the University of Sheffield recently found that consumers prefer to browse product categories than use search terms.

Makes sense. Why expend more effort than needed?

It's just one example of how your customers are relying on your words to do their work for them.

You could disappoint them. But then they would miss out on loving your products, and you would lose a customer.

Or you could recruit us...

And we'll recruit the right words. Huzzah! a win for all.

Commercial Scriptwriting

Every TV or video ad you've ever seen...

before it made it big in the glorious technicolor of pixel paradise,

began as a single, monochrome word on a page.

A good ad script encodes the structure of a commercial that will work.

So if you want that funky ad, you need a humble script.

And a writer who won't fumble it.

Explainer Video Production

The single biggest risk to something new you've made?

It never being used, or even discovered, by your would-be users.

Potential utility ≠ actual utility.

What helps brings these two closer together?

Yep, you guessed it...

The right words that show and tell a story your users want to tell, or share.

Sound simple? It will be when we're done.